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How-to-hammer-and-dolly-sheet-metal, we take an old junk yard chevy tailgate and dismantle it. using our body hammers and hand dolly's we make it look brand new again! classic car and truck restoration tech tips and tricks. http .... How i use heat shinrk ans well as hammer and dolly techniques on my 1968 camaro's fenders to make them straight., using the hammer and dolly method, a dent, crease or dimple can be made smooth again without the use of a welder or body filler. the metal worker finds the dent in the metal, then places the dolly on the back side of the damaged area..

For example, did you know that there is a big difference between hammering "on dolly" and "off dolly," and that most people use the wrong method for trying to work out dings or waves in sheetmetal?