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How-to-get-to-roof-of-nether, get back from the nether: take obsidian and a flint & steel with you to make a nether portal in order to return from the nether roof! subscribe / like / comment please read .... Edit: they fixed the relogging trick in 1.14+ but others work i came up with 2 new ways to get above the bedrock ceiling in the nether and i also elaborate on 3 other methods!, get on the roof of the nether without using pearls . search search all forums search this forum search this thread tools jump to forum get on the roof of the nether without using pearls #1 aug 17, 2013. jayl88. jayl88. view user profile view posts send message zombie killer; location: detroit, mi.

I tested some stuff out and i have found a way to easily go on the nether roof without the need of ender pearls. and yes, it works in 1.14, that's the reason i'm posting it., i know it's possible to get up there but i don't know how to :p i knew a way to do it last map but it doesn't work with the flat bedrock roof...... How to break bedrock in minecraft | break bedrock in minecraft minecraft, 1.14.4, 1.14, bedrock breaker 1.14, break bedrock 1.14, nether ceiling, get ..., the nether roof will house a new biome, called "depths of hel"(hel being the netherworld in northern mythology).

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