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How-to-get-on-a-roof-safely, this video explains how to safely get on to and off of roof safely from an extension ladder.. Http:// - andrew from core contractors roofing systems gives us tips on how to safely get on a roof using a ladder., how to safely get on roof? i've got a 2 story that's pretty high up there. i've had roofers up there a couple of times replacing shingles and they keep coming off. i've decided it's time to take matters in my own hands, get up there myself and take a look at this bad boy..

While it’s not necessarily wise to get up on your roof, there may be times when you need to make the climb to fix a slipped or broken tile or clean up tree debris, for instance., A minimal investment in roof brackets will immediately reward you with much greater roof safety and convenience. but if you have to spend a lot of time up there or have an especially steep roof, we recommend that you also buy a roof harness system (about $300)., if the roof is "interesting" at all, at a minimum, i will put brackets along the edge, andd maybe part-way up, and possibly at the work point, like below a chimney or skylight if i need to work and keep tools and materials right there..

I have a two storey house and need to get onto the roof to apply some heat paint on my furnace exhaust pipe before winter. it looks about 20-22' from the ground to the edge my eaves, so to be safe i figure i need a 28' extension ladder., “the most recent call-out would have been when we had rain a few months ago, and i helped set leaking roofs and checked out all the areas that normally flood,” she said.