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How-to-flash-a-roof-transition, as you can see from illustration the roof changes pitch at the porch from a 9/12 to a 3/12 pitch. by the way, pitch is measured by picking any point on the roof, place a level on it, measure 12” out from that point (this is called the run) and then down to the roof surface from the bottom of the level (this is called the rise) to see how many inches the roof pitches over 12”.. I am not sure which is the "upper" roof but regardless the process is similar ... you need to stop and re-start the metal roofing with the appropriate starter method but also with a transition flashing that is under the upper roof panels and over the lower roof panels by typically 6 - 10" each way (usually more under the upper than over the lower) on pitch changes where the lower pitch roof is ..., a flat roof isn't actually flat. it appears to be flat, but it needs a slope to allow the water to drain from the roof. with our tips and tricks you can combine a pitched shingles roof with a flat roof with a waterproof connection as a result. discover all the tips and tricks on this page!.

And in our experience, when a single piece of flashing extends only a few inches under the shingles, especially on a long roof slope, and worse on a roof that happens to slope slightly towards rather than away from the abutting vertical building wall, the accumulated roof drainage water near the bottom end of the roof-wall intersection will ..., recent roofing news e-newsletters have followed the u.s. corps of engineers’ commentary on roofing systems (mainly sections on bituminous and modified bituminous [mb] roofing). this column moves on to higher technology roofing – thermoset elastomers, especially ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (otherwise known as epdm)..

Rubberall® membrane to shingle transition. when installing an epdm membrane system with a tie-in to an existing shingle roof, remove a minimum of three (3) courses of shingles.