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Cleaning-quartz-countertops-with-bleach, the truth about bleach and your countertops. bleach is often lauded as an inexpensive cleaner that kills germs and sterilizes kitchen surfaces. while bleach is an effective disinfectant, it does have its downsides. that’s why it may not be the best choice as a go-to cleaner for kitchen countertops.. Yes, clorox® regular-bleach 2 is safe for sealed granite countertops. remember, bleach should never be used full strength for cleaning any surface — it should always be diluted with water first. for disinfecting countertops, use a solution of 1/2 cup clorox ® regular-bleach 2 per gallon of water., quartz countertop care. clean fresh spills with dish soap and a soft cloth, e.g., microfiber. use glass or surface cleaner, along with a nonabrasive sponge, to remove stains..

10 simple ways to clean quartz countertops. to make this simple solution to clean marble counters, quartz ones, or any other type of countertop, start by blending the ingredients in a small bowl, whipping them together until they form a frothy mixture.. next, dip a soft cloth into the container and wipe down the surface of the counter with the soapy mixture.